I made art blog bingo the other day, family fun!


I made art blog bingo the other day, family fun!

i convinced chris to be peter quill for halloween because i want to make Starlord mask and stuff and i was like “i kNOW what you should be for halloween” and he was like “….no…….” and i was all “starlord” and he started laughing and was like “oh i though u were going to say something different like that guy from how to train your dragon because you’re really weird and think cgi characters are handsome”


im really clueless so please spell out very obviously exactly how you feel in full detail or i will constantly be worrying about how much you hate me


which voice is rihanna’s?





How to keep yourself safe from iCloud hackers. Please make sure your auto photo sharing is turned off so that others don’t fall victim to having their photos stolen like those poor celebs.

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dont trust the cloud

Why are you so angry about JLaw's nudes being leaked? I thought you didn't like her.



  • i am angry because this is just another example of women being shamed for taking nudes instead of the douchebag who spreads them being shamed for violating someone’s privacy like that
  • i am angry because nobody deserves this, regardless of how i feel about their personality
  • i am angry because this is pure misogyny and shows how women aren’t respected in our culture
  • i am angry because she did not consent to having those pics posted everywhere but they still were
  • i am angry because on the VERY RARE occasion this happens to a male celeb he is not shamed but rather the perpetrator is and it’s forgotten quickly whereas this will haunt jennifer for years and years to come
  • i am angry because this was a sex crime and people are treating it like a joke
  • i am angry because she is being exploited/objectified and some gross dudebros are probably jacking off to those pics 
  • i am angry because people are CONGRATULATING the fucker who did such an atrocious thing to her instead of being appalled 

listen i may not like her personally but the fact remains that as a human being she is entitled to body autonomy and to choose who sees her naked body and who doesn’t 

Exactly I may not fuck with her but I fuck with basic human rights and the conservation of privacy. She nor does anyone deserve to have their rights violated in such a heinous manner. 

I’m gonna do. a lot. of homework today.



-birds sitting down
-when Callisto looks like a melted sandwich (hint: that’s all the time)
-when girls compliment each other
-when ppl call me handsome
-/boy likes pink thing and someone goes “hey that’s for girls!” then they reply “no, it’s for me!”
-reading in the /bath/
-spooky stories
-when ppl ask how my pets are doing



i fricking touched this goat

umm thats actually me steph

I knew it.

i fricking touched this goat


Love this!!! @nubianskin does lingerie in NUDE shades for all skin tones!!


Love this!!! @nubianskin does lingerie in NUDE shades for all skin tones!!